What if God’s Prophets were here on Earth today?



Firstly if anyone declares himself a True Prophet sent by God in this time today, the first probable natural response will be that “You are a False Prophet!”. This kind of response is only natural in this time today when there are many rumours of the so-called “End of Time” and when the Bible says there will appear many False Prophets who preach falseness which is only a symbolism. But I tell you that the only time when you hear the phrase “False Prophet” is when Man do not believe the Words of God and it doesn’t even matter that the Prophet is a False Prophet or might be even a True Prophet. There is no such thing as the term “Prophet”, which means “Messenger of God” who does not deliver the messages of God. This would make the term “False Prophet” an oxymoron. This false belief comes from the mouth of Man and Man only, no Prophet can actually be False if he really delivers the Words of God. If he delivers falseness, the term of Prophet will not be associated with him, he will only be called a Liar and not a Prophet anymore. So you can see that the term “False Prophet” is only a “sense of delusion in the mind” in Man and is not actually a term use to describe a person.



When a True Prophet of God appears in this world today, he would naturally want to spread the messages of God which it is revealed to him in spirit, in meditation, in dreams or visions. He would seek to find efficient ways to do so and it wouldn’t be difficult as in this period of time today when technology is advanced and modes of communication is freely available to all. Examples would be the Internet, ICQ, IRC, newsgroups and websites like this one but he will be shut off. He might even publish a book or might be a well-known preacher or a celebrity of the media, but it would be unlikely as the Character traits of a True Prophet is that of the Righteous and whatever he speaks of or thinks of is that of a righteous person, and in our world today such righteous people are far and few to come, so it is likely that he will only have a very small group of companions. He will go to places where he is greatly unwelcome, he will face the same situation Jesus faced when he went around preaching the Word of God, as the Anti-Christ have deluded the minds and hearts of many. Naturally many many people will be quick to judge and disbelief him thinking that he is against them when it fact, it is actually they who are against him.



The people of the world would expect a True Prophet of God to be Christ-Like and Perfect but I can tell you that the Prophets of the past are never real close to Perfection as Jesus was, a Prophet is still made of flesh and blood and thus not free from Temptation like all Man, he has sinned and is prone to constant attacks of the angels of the Anti-Christ. But he shall have the knowledge and comfort that God is close to him and he has the gift of  the Truth of God to share. The people will greatly dislike him and hurl insults and curses to him as they believe that he is of the Anti-Christ and label him as a “False Prophet” and shut their minds off to him but he will not give up until all man has heard what he has to say. 



If Man shuts his ears to everything he hears, what can he actually hear? But as Jesus says in the Book of

Revelation, “Let he who has a ear, let him hear”. Is it the Will of God that allows only the righteous Man to listen to what the Prophet has to say?





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