Why is the Truth so hard to find?


The real Truth is knowledge, the only special thing about it is that it is the underlying root of everything it manifests upon. Manifestation of the Truth happens when it is spread through people who thinks differently from one another and they choose parts of the Truth according to their own limited understanding. When this occurs, the Truth is further distorted and people interpret the distorted Truth according to their own selfish desires.


After a length of time and by the people’s own limited perception of the Truth, the real Truth breaks up into many fragmented pieces and are scattered all over the place. It is like a clear piece of glass broken by its mishandling, the whole piece of glass breaks up into many tiny raw pieces. Therefore at this point the Whole Truth is broken into its own single properties, each small piece is unrecognized as part of the Truth unless it is interconnected with the other small pieces to once again become the Whole Truth.


Mankind now has the mind boggling task of searching for the real and whole Truth by rearranging the small jigsaw pieces together to form the original picture. Man now has to see for him selves which are the pieces of knowledge that actually belongs to the Original and True picture from many other pictures out there and then after he has done this, he has to fit all of these together in order for him to solve the mystery of what the picture really looks like.


This task can be said to be one of the most difficult tasks Man has faced. Firstly every small bit of Truth is not always right in front of Man to find, he has to search through all the uncountable and many bits of irrelevant knowledge. Man is facing problems with this present task right now in the World, for Truth can be twisted by Man to look like False and the False can also be twisted by Man to look like Truth. This was what the “serpent” did when he tried to tempt Eve in the Garden of Eden. The Truth was twisted to appear False to Eve and she spread the lie of it to Adam, causing their banishment from the Eden of Perfect Truth.


But One would question why does the little bits of Truth each has so many different sides to it? The Whole Truth used to be Whole and Perfect before the Fall of Man but after it was broke into many pieces, the many attributes of the Whole Truth each became a “Whole Truth” by itself. But it is single without attributes and vulnerable to the many interpretations of Man for him to judge, test upon and to accept or reject by his own understanding and choice. It is through this that some Man will get to see and know the Truth and that some Man will see the Truth but deny it. This is what God’s Harvest of His people is all about.


God is always helpful to Man when he asks for help and He will always provides clues to assist Man to accomplish this Destiny of his.



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