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Are we alone in the Universe?


I believe we all have seen many movies in our lifetime, and some of those movies are especially unforgettable in our hearts. Today I’ll talk about one particular movie, “Contact”. It stars the talented Jodie Foster as a scientist who lost her mother and then father at a young age. The movie goes about showing us the hardships the character endured to seek out her own inner beliefs hoping that  they will justify her  deep unanswered questions of life. One of the things the main character’s father said is unforgettable to me even till today, he said that if Man will always be alone in the Universe, wouldn’t it seems like an awful waste of space?


It struck me to think back in time centuries ago when Man thought that he was all alone in the Universe, where the Sun and every star revolved around the Earth and that Earth was the foundation of the sky where God exists. So without saying that Man would come to conclude that he is all alone in the entire Universe. From then on it seems by instinct that Man would later familiarized himself with an image of God that is based on what seems natural and easy to relate to around his own environment. And as time goes by he would gradually forget the error he has make, the error as that of observation but without total understanding.


Referring back to the quote from the movie “Contact”, it would really seem un-natural and impossible to the Laws of science, an underestimation to the very essence of Life itself and egoistical to think that Earth, out of the countless number of planets, out of the countless number of star systems, out of the countless number of galaxies in the limitless Universe, would be the sole area of Life. God do not only exist on Earth, but everywhere in the Universe. Even if astronauts are able to travel to the far reaches of the galaxy and eventually colonize a suitable but alien planet, God would no doubt be with them also. It is not an under look or a simplification to the importance of every life here on Earth, for all life is precious. In Man’s early past, he used to think that his own land or country is the only known land in the world because he only knows of no land but his own. Exploration changed all that, as Man began to explore beyond his own familiar grounds, he discovered whole new interesting cultures and different points of logic to add to his own. It seems to invent a new saying through experience that “The Unknown is out there” and this saying has always been true for all time.



Image of God?


God made Man in His own image but it is not a very close one as the Bible tells us that He needed to deliver his own essence to take the form of Man in order for Him to easier convey with Man. Through the centuries the idea of God or his essence would take the form of Man has been greatly exaggerated and fantasized through the countless number of portraits and pictures of Jesus the Christ and angels of God. Although the image of them in those pictures and portraits would be familiar to us as means of convenience when we think of them, the mistakes committed by Man centuries ago would still dwell among us today.


The unknown and unfamiliar is what Man has been afraid of through his entire history, cause stepping out of the known and familiar territory brings about change of ideas more or less to everything he has ever known and understand to be true. But without change, everything would remain the same forever and ever, similar to stopping time in its path. But God created Man with his head forward of his body and not behind and Man looks and sees in the forward direction so why should his thoughts remain backwards?



To move on with change


Positive change through the correct interpretation will always evolve us whole and take us up a new step of spiritual understanding in our life existence. Logic and its opposite counterpart brought us out of observation without true understanding and also to let us understand that not everything can be understood with pure observation. But the Truth is ever present as it is the basics of every idea and thought, for without Truth like the foundation between the bind between atoms, nothing we see and feel around us would exist at all, everything would be in chaos and out of order.


But change is never for one, easy to deal with for with the coming of new changes, the old ideas you have, you have to let go and letting go of something that was once a part of you is never easy to deal with. Without acceptance of the new, you will never be able to move on, to move on forward with Life. It is not really that bad to move on although it may look and feel very difficult, for there is one thing that you can never know, you can never know what Life has in store for you on your next step forward.


So whatever I have said, remember that the Truth will always deliver order out of chaos for it underlies everything and bring true understanding out of the unknown. The Truth will set you free…



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