Psychic abilities is a tool to the Truth


Everyone is psychic in some sense, some are more sensitive than others in seeing this world through this ability. Psychic abilities will come about only when One is seeking something more than just the Physicals of the World, he begins to search the Mind, the Truth and meaning of his existence. His 5 senses therefore get influenced and becomes more sensitive to it’s surroundings . The 5 senses combine to become what we call psychic ability. This is the combined function of the 5 senses that by theory utilizes the other 90% of the brain’s capabilities.


Many people sorely want to develop psychic ability not realizing that they are seeking the wrong things. Our destiny in life is to search for the meaning of Life that God has gifted upon us, not to collect “treasures” on earth but to find that One and only treasure from Heaven.


Why should one go out of his way to develop a tool of the Mind when a greater gift is out there right in front of him. If only one could just open up his eyes and see the Truth that is right before him, understand it and help himself with it to find his own way in this cosmic journey across space and time.



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