What being Psychic is all about



Before I begin, let me ask you some questions first, have you ever had a strong intuition that something is going to happen in your life soon and after a while it really did?


Have you momentarily had an insight to knowledge you couldn’t have known about, for example a song you had in your head suddenly plays on the radio or a dream you had that miraculously takes place?


Or have you sometimes had bad feelings or “bad stomachaches” caused upon by just knowing that something bad is about to happen?


Well I’m sure no one can deny having those experiences if they really listen to themselves, and by looking around in the world, you can observe that these occurrences are getting more and more common. All these strange happenings have sparked an explosion in the New Age and spiritual knowledge community worldwide. I am not surprised at all because I know the reason behind it all.



Like I have already explained the identity of Jesus the Christ in “My interpretation of the Book of Revelation” section, you will know that He stated that he is the “alpha and the omega”. If you pay close attention to my explanation in the section, you will understand that Jesus meant that he was equivalent to what we call the “Super consciousness” or a much higher level of consciousness above our own. Jesus claimed to know that He knows what lies in man’s hearts before man even says it out. This implies that Jesus knows everything in man’s consciousness, and this means that Jesus was in fact by our human terms a “Psychic” since he knows things which the normal human being would not possibly know about.


Do you realize now why you have all those “insights” into knowledge that isn’t from your own mind? They occur in rare instances when the water in our mind is still and peaceful and when no ripples are disturbing the Sea of the mind. That is when we get a little glimpse of the Super consciousness, the fulfillment that Jesus wants us all to attain. God and Jesus are both one with the Super consciousness, they know what man feels, wants and desires. For Jesus said “ I search the hearts and minds of man”. This knowledge is not from the Anti-Christ as he himself has cut himself off from God and Jesus, and why in the world would he let you know about Knowledge and the Truth when his job is to bring about mass ignorance and Lies. Most likely what he will do is to lie to your mind that the occurrences is from him and him only so that you will think of it as evil, and make you cut yourself off from what God and Jesus very much wants you to obtain(“I will give him the chance to eat from the Tree of Life.”). Now you will see how everyone in the World has been LIED to upon by the Anti-Christ for 2 millenniums. Do not fall even deeper into the bottomless pit!! Now is still not late to correct your old mistakes and if you do, you will never regret if for it is the Truth you have always been seeking for.


So by now after I have given you the Truth, I hope that you will understand and realize it.




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