Protection from other people’s thoughts and emotions


If you would think about the habits of Man exhibited when he is around people, you would find it interesting when you hear about the reasons behind them.


I am sure you have frequently observed people crossing their legs, their ankles and even their arms around the abdomen region when around people. The reason they do this unconsciously is because it effectively “shields” them from the thoughts and emotions of other people. Just like how electrical wire cables being positioned to intersect each other has the same “reflective” and interference effect, the human body is also wired with electrical nerves.


This is why people feel comfortable when wearing crosses on chains because the cross functions as a reflector of thoughts. It is also why Chinese “fengshui” talks about the sharp edges on furniture being “reflective” of good fortune as the sharp edges are miniature crosses.


The symbol of Jesus being hung on the Cross symbolises that the thoughts of Man was being reflected onto Jesus. He sacrificed himself to “absorb” all the negative thoughts from Man by being at the front of the intersection of the Cross, leading to His “death”.



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