Is everything predestined?


Many people feel strongly that everything in their lives are predestined. They feel that since God is omnipotent, he would know the whole of Man's future on the first day that He created Him and even before. Man feels that if God knows the whole future of Man, there is little meaning in Man making his say in his future since God knows the ending and it is therefore "fixed".


This is not true. God is Omnipotent and knows everything that will happen throughout space and time. But He is not one who restricts Man's freedom, for he gives Man freewill. Man is free to act upon his own choices. So how does one fit the 2 puzzling puzzles together?


One must have a good understanding of the workings of space and time in order to understand them. For example in the case of Adam and Eve both making the choice to eat the Apple from the Tree of Knowledge. Does God know that Eve will be fooled by the Devil and eventually led Adam to commit the same? Yes and No. God exists in multi dimensions, not just one. From the first day He created Adam, God would not know how Adam will make his own choices until the choices are made. God being Man's creator and guardian, He would always want to know Manís choices for he loves Man.


So it means that only after that Adam has made his own free choice to eat the apple, God will thus know about it even before it happens but only after the choices of Man are made. God will know the choices Man makes only after Man has made it and not before because God does not make the choices for Man. Seeing the whole picture before and after, He can know what might happen but not what will happen until the choice is chosen. As long as God is omnipotent, he will forever know everything in the space time continuum, as long as He has the ability to know the events in our future, He will forever know it.


The future is not fixed as many people would like to think. This is the reason why not all prophecies are fulfilled because some of them are altered by Man. There are things that Man can choose, there are also things that Man canít choose, death for instance. There are some things Man will have a say in, there are also some things that God will want to have a say in also. Even partly in how the End would be, for He is already there and will be there in the End and He will play a huge part in it. The End is never the End until it is the End, what do I really mean you say? Manís time is different from Godís time, it will never be the End until the end of Manís real End meets God at the End. That will be the final End.


God is very much in our lives, He makes some things happen and leaves some things untouched. So you will say wouldn't Man's destiny be ever-changing accordingly to his choices? Yes, Man will always make his own independent and free choices, his own real free choice from his heart. And God will always know the End no matter which choices Man makes, you can say that God always receives the news flash updates before it even happens like a live history news telecast and the updates occur after the choosing of Manís choices. Man is thus truly free to alter his own future and his own destiny by making his own choices.

So you will now see that Man's future is not predestined as some would think. Man has the gift of freewill after all.



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