The Media


In this modern age today, with the advancement of technology, the Media has become our primary source of information. However not all that goes through the Media is of positive influences. This is where censorship steps in, it acts as a screen to prevent negative media from reaching the vast audience. 


Media censorship is not perfect, what some people may feel is acceptable material may not seem to be so to others. This is where one must exercise self censorship of what one receives through the various Media sources.


The television has become the staple equipment in every household today. It never fails to be turned on by various members of a family everyday. A person who doesn’t exercise self censorship from the raw media material would be overwhelmed by the unlimited amount of information coming through a seemingly harmless black box.


I have some advice to offer to audiences of the goggle box.


1.     Before you turn on the TV, decide what you want to gain from it at that point of time. Is it entertainment or educational?


2.     Decide how you want the information from the TV to affect your emotions at that point of time. Do you want to feel positive or feel negative? Do you want to feel happy or feel saddened by it?


3.     Refrain from being too absorbed while watching TV if not your daily awareness of your surroundings would be numbed by prolonged absorption to the artificial light and sound from the TV set. The saying “too much of everything is not good” always goes.


4.     Immediately when you feel that the content from the TV is making you feel negative, change the channel at once or turn off the TV.


5.     Some fictional programs like soap operas and movies that greatly exaggerate daily human life, provoke the body to feel a multiple range of negative emotions when you respond to its contents. It is the same as provoking an animal with a stick. True non-fictional stories are always better than these.


6.     Some media contents  create fantasy worlds in the minds of the audience, it takes one further away from the real world. One shouldn’t use this side effect as an escape to everyday problems.


7.     Always remember that electronic equipment like the TV (especially CRT screens) emits harmful electro-magnetic radiation that damages body cells. So refrain from prolonged exposure.


8.     The experiences one gets from TV can never be replaced by first hand experiences. May it be sports, exploration or even meeting real live people. So some times one should just go out and experience the real world out there.


9.     The TV is not a living being, it cannot provide one with True Love and Happiness.



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