Man has many true and real powers in him which some have yet to realize them. Will power is an existent power that he uses very frequently.


The Power of God

If one does not recognize and acknowledge that One indeed has the power of God in him, he will live as if he has no power, powerless to act against anything and everything around him.


The delusional power of some Man

This kind of “power” is only given by Man to another Man. The power of control is a deluded power; no Man has the power of control. He will seem to have power only when the subjects are powerless against him, when they let him have control over them.


Nothing in this material world belongs to you

Your own body and life can be taken away from you in an instant, whether it is by sickness or old age. So even if your own physical body is not for you to keep, how else would anything else be? In this physical world, only your Soul truly belongs to you.



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