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Updated on the 9th of August 2003

I am working on my book, which is soon to be completed; therefore there will not be many updates on the site, only important ones. The book will have ten times or more of the content of this site.


Man thought that the earth was at the center of the Universe and that the sun revolved around the earth and that it was flat, Man gradually came to realize the Truth...Man thought that it was impossible to fly in the skies like birds, the impossible became possible one day. Man thought that he would never touch the lights in the skies, one day he left footprints on one…



Latest News  Updated on the 5th of June 2003


    The Bible

    The Bible Codes?

     The Bible: metaphors within metaphors

     How to study the Bible


   The Truth as of the Bible…

     The Truth?

The Bible as the Truth

Man betrays the Truth

Man hides from God

Why is the Truth so hard to find?

Man is limited by his own understanding

The Bible remains oblique to unbelievers and false and deluded christians

The secret wisdom of God---You wish you were a Prophet

Interpretation of the Book of Revelation


   Things the Bible refers to

      The Fruit of Knowledge---to be posted soon

      The Chakras

What the Bible said about the Human Aura

Psychometry in the Bible

The Left and the Right Brain ---“do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing”

Lampstands and Trees


   The kingdom of Heaven

      Where is the Kingdom?

     Who is worthy of the Kingdom?


    How to get to the Kingdom?

    The time is now---There is no time like the present.

      The Last Warning

    Man is still not ready---You wish you were ready…

     Man is limited by his own understanding

    Seek and Ye shall find

    No shortcuts to the Kingdom

     Psychic abilities is a tool to the Truth

    Salvation---Man have to save himself first

     Faith---Do not shipwreck your Faith

     To believe

     Man has to overcome

     Sail through the Red Sea of emotions

     Love ONLY your neighbour as yourself---Evil Doers not included

     The journey home


    Where is God?

    God is among us

     No ordinary Man can see God and live---to be posted soon


   The doings of God

    Literal Truth or metaphor? ---to be posted soon 

    Man has underestimated God


    Jesus the Christ

    The Cross of Jesus the Christ---What it really means to wear a cross

     When will Jesus be back? ---to see him once again

      Waiting patiently for Him


    What the parables of Jesus mean

    Jesus walks on water

    Jesus feeds the five thousand


    Who or what is the Anti-Christ?

     Who or what is the anti-Christ?

     The Identity of the serpent, Satan, “666”,the Beast, and the Devil

    Man chose to be with Satan---Man sold his soul to satan

    Man made used of by the Antichrist---slaves of the Anti-Christ


    What is Evil?


    The false Christians of the world


    The false teachers of Christ


Foolish Man


The wrong doings of Man


   Prophets and Prophecies…

      What are Prophets here for?

What if Prophets of God were here today?

My Prophecies


   My dreams and visions

     My dreams and visions

     The once worldly woman

     My premonition of the naval disaster in Singapore

     My premonition of the disaster in Chicago

     My premonition of the SARS plague

     The cats in distress

     The gift

The Beast of Anger


    The Beasts and Demons in Man

    The Beasts and Demons in Man

     Psychological disorders

     Do not turn back to Sin

     Lead us from Temptation

     To overcome the Beasts and Demons---to be posted soon


    What is Normal?

     What is Normal? ---to be posted soon


     The Great Love between Jonathan and David


   Of the Mind…

     The Angel of Death

What being Psychic is all about

A Psychic can always win the Lottery---The Law of personal gain…

Psychic abilities is a tool to the Truth

Why are there vegetarians?

Foods of knowledge

Things for one to think about

Hypothetical situations ---to be posted soon



Time ---to be posted soon

deja vu? ---to be posted soon

Why one receives visions of other times---to be posted soon

Is everything predestined?


   Of Man


To marry or not to marry?

Man bind from birth --- to be posted soon

Women & Her roles

Women Preachers

Divisions in Man’s Church of God --- to be posted soon

The Body is a temple --- to be posted soon

Sexual immorality --- to be posted soon


   To Increase in knowledge

Books you have to read

End of the world Books  --To Authors and Readers


   What one would need

Things you MUST get your hands on!


   For the Health- of the Mind and Body

     Health Tips

     The Media

     For Protection

     Destructive EMF fields---to be posted soon

Foods that are and are not beneficial

You are what you say

Sleep paralysis—Demonic forces at work?


   Help me publish a book

      Help needed


   About me

    My Prophecies

Current Projects

Biographical Information

Personal Interests

Contact Me







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