Health Tips


Try to sleep without a pillow for a night and if it feels better than sleeping on one, you’ll know what to do.


Use natural light from tealight candles in a container of water instead of electrical lights if possible as the radiation from an electric powered light is harmful to the Mind and body. Remember to always use candles in the safest possible way.


All Man-made complex chemicals with long and difficult to read names are most probably poisonous to the body. Whether it is ingested or applied to the skin, the effect is the same as the skin is an organ and it effectively absorbs substances through its countless number of pores. It is safer to stick to natural products like those from “The Body Shop”.


All Electro-magnetic fields from electrical equipment are harmful to the Mind and body, avoid close exposure to them at all costs. Sleep far away from them.


Use juices from Lemons as a natural spay-on insect repeller in the home instead of poisonous chemical insecticides.


If one wants the skin to be healthier and clearer, simply exercise the muscles beneath it.


If you feel tired and restless, you probably need to wash your face and brush your teeth and tongue to rid of all the germs and bacteria.


One must frequently tune the vibration of the Throat Chakra by talking or singing.


One should cut his hair often if he wants to have a clearer mind since our thoughts are constantly being imprinted onto our body hairs. Example that this is effective would be to look at people going through difficult periods like break-ups and want to change their hairstyle or even cut their hair very short. Monks, soldiers and most confident and clear-minded people most likely would have short hair.



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