End of the World Books?


I like to frequent bookstores to catch up on today's current topics as well as the usual study textbooks. I have noticed that there has been a major increase in the number of the "Armageddon", "End of the World" type of books. These books are far from desirable, they merge fiction with fact and they serve purely to instill fantasy of how one wants the truth to be according to one's own desires and likings. Some of these books seems like "comfort books" to me as they are suppose to make a reader feel better after reading them but I tell you, the real Truth is always hard to swallow at first for Jesus is coming back with a vengeance! He will turn the hardened hearts of man towards the real Truth!


Supposedly like a movie that is "based on a true story", even though the movie is largely true, the writer never fails to add some emotional human interest details to make it seem more relatable and interesting. So is the motives of such authors are similar, they take advantage of the people's constant need for the truth to be relatable to one's desires hoping that their books will make it to the list of Top bestsellers or for some other motives.


I say that if one wants to solely bring forth the Truth to everybody, why not use the internet and the largely popular Electronic-Books format? Such authors only want to make profits from their book series. I am amazed that books of that genre is not kept at the fictional section but is displayed along with the other mainstream religion books.


Already by such false negative influences from the media like books and movies, people are already type-casting, fantasizing and choosing of how the Truth would seem to be like according to what they have seen, heard and read.


For a typical example, movies typecast that the "End of the Age" would be a righteous man or woman chosen by God to fight the powerful and political “Anti-Christ” in disguise who has an evil “666 mark” on his or her arm, and then the “Anti-Christ” will transform into a huge scary dragon demon and then the trusty evil angels of the “Anti-Christ” would find all means to disrupt the hero from attempting to save the world from mass nucleonic destruction before the end of the millennium, before the clock struck twelve on the dot. And then God will appear in human form and save all the chosen self-righteous people and leave the evil ones to suffer in hell for eternity. Or the "End of the Age" could come with a huge bang, with mountainous asteroids flinging themselves towards earth and chosen heroes will rise to save earth from total annihilation. So does everyone see how popular opinion has been so wide spread that almost everyone knows the hearsays of the "End of the Age"?


I say other "occult" children educational books like Harry Potter for example are far less dangerous and mild in comparison because there has always been a common sense that everyone knows of which books are fact and which books are fictional. Even children can tell the 2 apart even though they sometimes fantasize about the characters in them. Why are parents so concerned with the content of Harry Potter when it is similar to the false concepts of Santa Clause and superstitions that they often expose their own children to? The critics are barking up the wrong tree!


Authors please, do not mix the truth with your own opinions as the truth is pure and is not suppose to be mixed with personal opinions to delude people. Rather let your “Yes” be “Yes” and “No” be “No”. Most of these books looks like a summary of the list of things the author is unsure of and does not seem like a book to be read by the readers to further understand the truth. Usually one can tell if the author is unsure when he refers a difficult passage constantly to another passage which he then otherwise fails to explain the meaning of, or he would refer a passage to a personal opinion. But even the Internet is also filled with such similar mistakes. If the Book is purely a person’s own opinions, the author has to state clearly which is the Fact and which is the Fiction. A few uncertainties by the authors is acceptable as man is not perfect but if almost every sentence is filled with at least one doubt, how is everything the writer has written supposed to be taken seriously? If one is writing about the Truth but is unsure of what is real and what is false, please refrain from publishing them.



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