My dreams and visions


   *   22nd Jan 2003, Today I remembered a dream that I had weeks ago. I saw the word “Hispanic” in that dream. At that time I didn’t know what the word meant.  The word sounded so much like an adjective instead of a noun so I checked the dictionary but couldn’t find anything so I dismissed it as just a strange dream. But today I was reading a magazine and I saw the word again and I immediately recalled the dream. It is actually the name of a group. I couldn’t remember anything else except the word in that dream.


   *  Today as on the 17th of January 2003, I had a vision that within 10 days from   today, death will occur to those who are eating beef and it’s similar groups of meat. Premonitions are always to be applied, so it is never hoped that they will occur.  


    *  Today as on the 17th of January 2003, I had a vision. I was looking at a newspaper and the date on it was a Thursday on the 4th of August. I have checked out the year and 2005 and 2011 corresponds to the date. Whatever is going to happen on that day must be important.


    *  Today as on the 14th of January 2003, I have received visions of the contamination of water and a huge Tsunami-like wave engulfing a ship.


   *   It was about 2 weeks ago that I received this vision. I was in a supermarket looking at various products and after a while when I had finished looking around, I proceeded to the exit. I saw a long line of people queuing up but they were without any shopping items. Then I saw an opening in the air above me, in that opening I saw a baby being born out of the shell of an egg. I was exclaiming “LOOK AT THAT HAND! ”  


 *   Today as on the 12/12/2002, I have received a very clear message. I had a very clear vision in which man was polluting the Sea of the Mind with his activities. Man was at the edge of the Sea of Mind committing sexual activities with women. His ejaculate was spilling into the Sea of Mind and polluting the clear waters. Women was his accomplice, helping him to spill his ejaculate into the Sea of Mind with her bare hands. Man has the gift of the Gonads, which is the source of Energy and the body’s Spontaneousity of Life. It is a double-edged sword in which it can be used either way, to benefit man or to bring about his downfall. The spontaneous energy can be used to benefit by using it to create wonderful things or to degrade man further through destructive activities. It is the choice of Man for what he wants to do with it but the Law of Cause and Effect is ever present. Do not try to hide from this Law, to “add or take away the words” of this warning , for doing so, the Beast of Lust shall overcome you and consume you!


 *  Today as on the 04/12/2002, I received a vision as to watch the skies. In my vision, I was looking up towards the North-East-North position but the huge telescope in my vision was pointing towards the South-East-East position. Yes! I know there is going to be a solar eclipse today but a vision is still a vision, I got it before it took place.


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