The Chakras


Whether Man would like to admit it or not, we all have the 7 Chakras in our body. The Chakra at the most bottom of our body at the base of the spine vibrates the slowest and the Chakra at the top vibrates the fastest. The Chakras in some people are closed and in some other few, they are open.



The Crown Chakra


We all know the saying that sometimes one do not think with his head, that is quite true. Very often Man habitually forgets to think with his head, to be more precise, he does not position his Self at the top Crown Chakra in his head which is the Chakra meant for thought vibrations, therefore his thoughts remain at the lower Chakras of his body. When this occurs, his thoughts are processed by the lower vibrational rate of the lower Chakras which are not really meant for this function, they are more effective at processing the vibrations of the emotions and of the sub-conscious. The result of this will be that his thoughts will not be as clear and strong as if he had position it at the top Chakra. Man is what he thinks and if his thoughts are not as what they should have been, his live would be affected.


Therefore I advise everyone to constantly remind themselves to position themselves, their Self their thoughts, at the top Chakra. They are many ways to do this,


*  One should feel their thoughts surfacing in their head and feel that these thoughts are looking through one’s eyes. There you will feel the correct position where your thoughts should always be.


*  One should imagine the top Chakra spinning or vibrating very quickly in their head and that Chakra is the most powerful and strongest source of strength for the body. It is sovereign over all negative thoughts and emotions that one encounters, its amazing rate of spin is more than able to disrupt and effectively change all the negativity in the body and out.


*  One can use the natural light of a candle flame to help calm, guide and restore the strength of the Chakras. Just simply by gazing, feeling the heat and vibration emanating from the flame, it would help the body and Spirit return to its natural self. I prefer to use a tealight candle floating in a glass of water as the clear glass does not block the light and vibration of the fire, the water helps the fire cleanse the Spirit and body, and it is much safer to have water nearby to balance out the heat of the fire.


        More to come…


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