My dream of the Beast of Anger

I had these dreams many years ago but I didnít understand what they actually meant until now.



Locking up of the Beast

I was in a normal room with a tiger but I got afraid of it so I locked it up with a barn door. It got angry and irritated and it made very forceful attempts to try to break out of the barn door. I was scared of the increased agitation of the tiger and I felt pity that I was restricting its freedom so I wanted to open the door and let it go. But before I managed to fully open the barn door, I started to awake from the dream. Thus I didnít know whether the tiger was freed or not.



Love conquers the Beast

In this dream, the Beast was sitting on the floor at the hall of my home. It was roaring fiercely and angrily. I was close to it and afraid that it might hurt me. But I didnít know why but I approached it and proceeded to hug it lovingly. The growling and the anger of the Beast began to subside and eventually it calmed down.



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